I contributed to this article, compiled by Allison Crutchfield, that is a response to that crummy Noisey article, “How to Survive Being the Only Girl in a Band.”

I am so grateful to know and be among so many smart, talented, and fearless women

an article that jen contributed to, full of so many important awesome voices!

Shannon contributed to this article as well, read it! 

This is a song we wrote about our friends who died too young, and now I hate to be posting it because the amazing man who recorded it has also left us way too soon. Rest in power, Tim “Hope” Kirk, thank you for all you did for the Southwest Virginia scene and for recording our first two records. We were young and didn’t really know what we were doing yet and he helped us through the process and was the most gentle amazing metal dude who loved cats. Miss you.

"You find it hard to believe
that you can cease to be
that there’s a man in the sky
smilin’ down upon humankind
when the young can die
before ever seeing life
before knowing that it would end in a sacrifice
for the young poet songwriters still alive

We tried to change the world
but we only changed ourselves
there’s so much shit that’s wrong
but we can change it all
so just be nice to everyone
show them there are other ways
and we’re all working to change the same things

You said you wanted to believe in God 
because you wanted to go somewhere when you died”


I made a homoground playlist, and I’m not joking when I say that this is the only mix I’ve been listening to lately.

Thanks for putting us on this mix, Rachel! 

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The Two Funerals — Coward

OG TTF lineup reunited (just to chill, not playing)

OG TTF lineup reunited (just to chill, not playing)

So sometime around now ten years ago we started playing in my dad’s basement together and it makes me so happy to think about because playing music with Shannon and Abby was the greatest decision I ever made and I’m glad it has led to everything that it has.

Here’s a live version of a song we never recorded! From a show we played at Strange Matter in 2010. 

Our record is up for free download at Rorschach Records bandcamp page this week!
I’m still so proud of this record and miss playing it!

Tour Dates Spring 2013!



Dominique is filling in on drums for Bleeding Rainbow on this tour! Come check it out!

The Two Funerals — Live at Strange Matter 4/15/2011 

First song is one we never recorded!